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Album "Blossoming Hearts": Digital format (mp3)



"Blossoming Hearts" Album in digital mp3 format (12 tracks + 16 pages pdf booklet) delivered by email immediately when ordered;
Songs of the album: 

01. Si l'on prenait le Temps

02. You, beautiful Angel

03. Canal Saint-Martin

04. Yei Yei !

05. My little child

06. I know the Sky can hear Me

07. Entre deux eaux

08. Gocce d'Acqua

09. Pourquoi tu m'regardes comme ça?

10. Blossoming Hearts

11. It's already Here

12. Letting Go and Heal


These songs have been composed, written and recorded from my heart and I hope that they will transmit to you all the energies of joy, love and harmony that we have brought to them, me and all the wonderful musicians who accompany me...

The whole album is recorded in 432 Hz, the frequency of well-being and harmonization par excellence, which will also contribute to make each of your cells happy... :)

A big THANK YOU and enjoy your listening !

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