Stéphanie Palazzo - Music

As far back as I can remember, music, singing, are part of my life...

This internal feeling of well-being procured by the vibrations of the voice, that suggested to the little girl that I was that everyone wanted to be a singer ... I did not suspect at that moment that the voice, precisely, would be the guiding thread of my life!... So here I am recording alone in my room, at 6, with the help of my beautiful little pink radio-cassette, all my repertoire of songs and poems of the moment ! ;) 

Years of artistic studies and beautiful encounters later: piano, singing, dance, theater (Geneva Conservatory of Music and Jaques-Dalcroze Institute among others), I start to perform with joy in different shows, and my love of words brings me quickly to write and compose my first songs. I begin to share them on stage in 2005 solo, accompanied by my faithful piano, and recorded a first album composed of 5 songs, "The little moments", in piano / voice.

Transmitting the beauty of life, moments that make the magic of everyday life, encounters that make our souls sparkle with joy, transcending situations that can seem difficult to draw strength and light from, bringing them a different perspective and discovering all the positive that they bring to our life, that is what has always motivated my heart to let words and music flow... A happy heart is a heart that feels at home wherever it is...

Traveling soul, I leave my native Geneva to sing in other countries, more or less distant (France, Belgium, Canada)... and here I am one day dropping off my suitcases in Paris, where my meeting with the tenor Thierry Dran leads me to explore lyrical singing further, which I then pursue through numerous masterclasses in Europe. I then perform in various musicals and operas, including L'Elisir d'amore (Donizetti), in Italy, Que viva Offenbach (created by J. Decombe and V. Prezioso), in Lyon and on tour, La Vie Parisienne, (Offenbach), in Paris, Der Schauspieldirekor (Mozart) with the Opera Studio in Geneva, or The Magic Flute (Mozart) in concert version in the role of the Queen of the Night, with The Metropolitan Orchestra of Strasbourg. I am also invited to perform in recital at various festivals (Imperial Palace of Annecy, "Donizetti Night" in Bergamo) or in the Cathedral of Saint-Louis des Invalides, Paris (Stabat Mater Pergolese) .


In 2013, I enter the studio in Paris to record 5 of my songs, including "What if we take time?". The French version appears on the Blossoming Hearts album released in December 2020.


In 2015, during a walk in the "Jardin d'Acclimation" of Paris, my path crosses that of an orchestra like no other, that of the "Petites Mains Symphoniques", led by Eric Du Faÿ, whose average age of musicians who compose it is... 12 years old! :)


From this meeting is born a beautiful collaboration, including the song "Perché mi guardi così?", recorded with a quartet of girls in the Petites Mains. This song was part of the Swiss selection to participate in Eurovision in 2015.




December 2020, the Blossoming Hearts album is finally out ! I had the great joy to record it with magnificent musicians* in Italy, in the legendary Milanese studio Il Cortile




A few words about the songs


This album is composed of 12 songs, in English, French and Italian, each with a particular story and color. Between ballads and more pop songs, they invite to a trip to the varied sounds thanks to the rich musical arrangements of Amedeo Bianchi and Roberto Molinelli. But I do not tell you more, since the music cannot be described, it must be lived, enjoyed and felt... ;)


These songs have been composed, written and recorded from my heart and I hope that they will transmit to you all the energies of joy, love and harmony that we have brought to them, me and all the magnificent musicians* who accompany me...


One day, sitting at my piano, I received the title song of the album, Blossoming Hearts, as a pretty gift that poured into me a balm of well-being, calming, and that required to be shared. 


My little child, for her part, invites us to reconnect with our inner child, with his/her joy, enthusiasm, enthusiasm, creative drive, spontaneity... and like him or her, to see everything with wonder, as if for the first time. And to tell ourselves that everything is possible, always...


Yei Yei ! is a song from the heart, of joy and gratitude for life, the earth and its beauty, which was inspired one wonderful day in Italy.


Regarding You, beautiful Angel (watch videoclip here), it was its French version that was magically transmitted to me in a dream! The first verse looped through my head until the early hours of the morning, and the rest of the song then flowed "from the source"... It reminds us how beautiful and infinite each of us is, and that everything is already here, inside of us... "It's so simple for you, remember, remember..."


You can discover all the songs and order the album here ...



Album recorded entirely in 432 Hz


Being also an energy and sound healer, it was very important for me to record this album in 432 Hz, frequency of well-being and harmonisation par excellence.



Creation of the project La Nouvelle Saison 


In 2019, my meeting with Alex Lodo, an Italian singer, guitarist and songwriter, gave birth to a musical project called La Nouvelle Saison, as a nod to the duo The Swell Season, so dear to our hearts. The duo will be joined by Giacomo Grandi on cello.
Find all the news and videos about La Nouvelle Saison here.


In March 2022, we were delighted to be singing in Paris with the PMS orchestra, at the legendary Folies Bergère theatre.